How does giving work within the business & professional world?  When you mention giving to anyone they automatically think of charity, a loss of their time, money and whatever else they might be giving. We in Western societies, and to a greater extent in the whole world live in a way that we have a need to gain if we are to do something for someone.

We need to see a direct reward, hence this is linked to expectation. Expectation is the curses of human beings, it ultimately create unhappiness, as we will reach a point when one or more of our expectations are not met and this leads to disappointment and sadness.

Our best decisions are made when we are calm and peaceful within ourselves, when we have no inner turmoil, we blossom as people, our decisions are not based on fear or insecurities but through wisdom.  Professional and business success and also too in our personal lives comes through investing. An investment can be time and money, and this is through the process of making the right decisions.

Giving should be looked upon as being part of the investment process, but without expectation. Meaning what exactly? You establish your objective, meaning where you want to reach and when you aim to reach the place you want to be, this means to establish a timeline. Your objective will always involve people, either they will be clients, business partners, service providers, suppliers, investors or lenders.

You need to impact these people in such a way that they will want to do business with and associate themselves with you. What better way than to give without expectation, this can be in positive uplifting communications, advice and guidance on the subject that you specialise in and personal offers of assistance, care and support. When someone sees you giving without expectation, your credibility will rise in their eyes as will their trust levels, you will certainly stand out in front of the masses who are only thinking what they can receive without ever considering what they can give.

In my business activities when I meet a potential investor partner, I will offer help and assistance to them irrespective if we do business or not, in essence this makes me feel good just to help and advice with no expectation, but it also creates a positive bond with the receiving party.

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